Snuck out on a rainy day last week to check out the Punk: Chaos to Couture Exhibition at the Met.

Naturally I got distracted and played with the statues in the New American Wing.

_35A1331Isn't Fragilina (1923) just beautiful? One of the most pristine statues in the New American Wing at the Met, a marble sculpture of an idealized female nude by Attilio Piccirilli (1866-1945). According to the sculptor, “every person has his own ideal of beauty stored away in his subconscious mind. When facial characteristics are precisely delineated, the observer is denied the opportunity of personally visualizing his ideal type.” Basically Attilio was like, “I'm going to make the perfect woman: a handcrafted smokin' body + face of your subconscious' choice”.


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Victor Hugo Top, Forever 21 Shorts, Gucci Belt, Vintage Gucci Bag

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